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Do you have what it takes?

August 15, 2011

What is “Business”?

For years I have talked with people who say they are interested in “owning their own business” however do not fully understand what it takes to start or run a business. Here are only a few of the items to consider if you are thinking of starting your own business regardless of the industry.

“Business” is about making someone’s life better. The further away a business gets from making its customers’ lives better, the less successful that business will be.

What would owning your own business mean to you? Would it mean ownership? Wealth? Freedom? Helping people? You should decide this in the very beginning because many times a person gets their own business only to become a slave to it. You can certainly make people’s lives better and obtain freedom and wealth while doing it.

Things to think about for your business:

  1. Selecting the right product or service for your business. At the heart of a successful business is a product or service that people truly need or want.
  2. Your time versus a product. Do you want to sell you or sell a product?
  3. Trend and product positioning. Introduce your product or service at the right time.
  4. Do all the work yourself or hire others?

Determining these factors will assist you in starting to develop your business plan. Please feel free to contact me for more details and information about how I can help you with your business!

To Your Success!

Lora Ulrich
Lifestyle Coach
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