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10 Tips to Good Communication

September 5, 2011

Communication is the Key to a Successful Business

From the very moment you meet a prospect, proper communication will make or break whatever relationship you hope to create.  

Say the wrong thing or say the right thing in the wrong way and you can kiss that relationship goodbye or prevent it from ever-growing into a financially rewarding experience. You’ll continue to hobble along earning just a fraction of what you’re capable of.

Here’s a quick list of all 10 communication qualities –

  1. Be interested in the prospect
  2. Do not be distracted by anything
  3. Have a sincere, friendly facial expression
  4. Use the correct amount of assertiveness
  5. Communicate easily – No tension, strain, falseness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating
  6. Make sure your body doesn’t distract the prospect
  7. Tell the truth
  8. Know what you’re talking about
  9. Communicate at the prospect’s level of understanding
  10. Have the intention to make the person’s life better

If you do this you will always say the right thing to that prospect. You will find out what they need, want or don’t want and how YOU can solve their problem. 

To Your Success!

Lora Ulrich
Lifestyle Coach
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