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The Ultimate Why

September 8, 2011

Finding Your Why….a Critical Component to Success

Did you ever wonder why some people achieve greater success than others? Earl Nightingale said it this way: “Today in America people can become whatever they want. Trouble is most do not know what they want.” So what is it that can keep us going when times are tough, life gets in the way, or whatever the “reason” (excuse) may be. Your why, your core desire is that thing you want so badly that you will do anything to get it – no matter how hard, scary or expensive it is.

First we have to DARE TO DREAM.  Dreams allow us to envision future realities. If our dreams are aligned with the values of our heart, they create the desire necessary to fuel massive action. With enough energy and passion, what some might consider impossible dreams can become inevitable realities.

Your dream, the underlying reason you are willing to spend time, energy and money building your business, is what I call your “Ultimate Why.” Sometimes it’s hidden deep in your psyche but if you’ll
give some serious thought to this assignment – really ponder your answers, it will come to you.

To discover your Why you must pay very close attention to the TRUE feelings you experience as you ask yourself two basic questions.

The first question gets you started (but the first answer people give is rarely your Core Desire):

“What would I like to have that I do not currently have?”

After you answer this question, then ask the next question:

“If I had that, what would that give me that I do not have?”

Keep asking yourself the second question with each new  answer, until you get the Core Desire – your Why. You will know it when  you get there because there is always a noticeable, sometimes visible, strong  emotional reaction to the Core Desire. Once you connect with that core reason,  with your Why, you are well on the road to being unstoppable!

If you have any questions on finding your why and achieving  greater success, contact Lora Ulrich, Lifestyle Coach at 239-898-4078.

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