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New Year New You Nutrition Challenge!

January 1, 2012

New Year New You Nutrition Challenge!

Second Start Date Added! Monday January 9th –Sunday, February 12th

By popular request we added an additional New Year’s Start date and extended registration thru Jan 8th at midnight!

Monday, January 9th – Sunday, February 12th 

All participants will receive their details on Monday January 9th to start with the Goal Setting and Prep Week content. The full 28-Day Program starts Monday, January 16th with the 5 Day RESET detox.  

Program Schedule 

  • Registration: ends January 8th at midnight
  • Prep Week: Jan 9th – Jan 15th
  • 28-Day Program: Jan 16th – Feb 12th
  • Post-program: Lifetime access to the content and forum

Space is limited! 

Picture This: A Certified Nutrition & Wellness Expert Tells You Exactly What To Eat For 28 Days
And You Get Healthy & Slim.

Even better, your delicious and filling smoothies and snacks are shipped to your doorstep in all your favorite flavors, along with the highest quality supplements available on the market (which, by the way, come in convenient little packs with your name on them).

You eat five yummy snacks and meals a day, you have a group of people cheering you on every time you peek at your computer, you’re personal wellness coach sends you detailed lists of exactly what to buy at the grocery store and what to keep stocked in your kitchen, and you know what to order at restaurants and eat or drink at parties.

Meanwhile your skin clears up, your mood and energy improve, you sleep more soundly and weight naturally falls off, especially around your waist. You feel like yourself again, like you’re finally on the right track with the freedom to do the things you want to do.

You feel relieved that you found a solution to something that has been bothering you for years. You feel wonderful, proud of yourself, and powerful.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It’s clinically proven and wildly successful. And tons of women have done it. 

Click here for more information.

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