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Are you skipping meals?

February 7, 2012

Our favorite topic of the month is healthy eating, maintaining energy levels and what steps we can take to live a healthy lifestyle – that’s what The New You Lifestyle is all about… If you missed our last two blog post please feel free to check them out now. Now we continue on to a very common way people often use to lose weight…

Are you trying to lose those extra ten pounds and skipping meals to do so? 

This is another common mistake a lot of people make because there is this mistaken belief that if you eat less you will lose weight and that’s not necessarily true and it certainly isn’t healthy. Your body needs fuel in order to function. If you really want to lose weight and stay healthy it might even be a matter of eating MORE often – smaller meals spaced out throughout your day can actually boost your metabolism and keep your body going in the right direction. Having a steady flow of good, healthy food that feeds your body in the right way keeps it from going into starvation mode where you actually store fat and put on weight instead of losing it. Do you see a theme here with my blogs? It is SO important to eat about every 3 hours and the right combination of healthy protein, low glycemic carbs, essential fatty acids and fiber every time we eat. I have about 90% of my clients eat more food, the right kind of food, in addition to proper supplementation. When they do this, they all achieve their desired weight AND keep it off.

The New You Lifestyle provides tailored nutrition, fitness and motivational workshops which empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We provide a very personalized service – we listen, to your needs, wants and desires. Your goal becomes our focus and we work together to achieve this in the shortest time frame.

Call to find out what health coaching and The New You Lifestyle can do for your body! (239) 898-4078

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