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Lora’s Story

Hi, my name is Lora Ulrich and I absolutely love my job! At almost 45 years of age I have been in the wellness industry for 17 years. Not only am I trained and qualified to help people improve their physical or financial situation, I have experienced all kinds of “issues” in my own life. This experience helps me relate to people on many levels.

I personally know what it feels like to be “not well”. I grew up with an oxygen tank in my room due to severe asthma. I had many allergies requiring the full range of allergy shots along with other maintenance medications. I had my tonsils removed when I was 10 when we found out I had an overactive thyroid. As a teenager I wouldn’t take my medicine. Why? Well as a teenager I preferred to be “skinny” as a result of my overactive thyroid rather than be “healthy”.  Then, when I was 17, I came close to thyroid storm due to not taking my medication. I was given radioactive iodine which further damaged my thyroid. Since then, I have had a underactive thyroid and take thyroid replacement medication. This started me on a tremendous roller coaster ride.  My energy levels would fluctuate widely and this affected my entire life in a negative way. I was constantly going on and off diets. At my heaviest I had to buy size 16 because I couldn’t squeeze into a 14 anymore… remember, I am 5’3” people so this was BIG for me!! Whew… I never want to experience that physical and mental torture again!!! To top things off, my fiancé died when I was 19, which created a complicated and very confusing time in my life. I went to school for business administration and dabbled in the television & movie industry. However, throughout everything I have done, I have always been interested in business. Growing up in my father’s industrial real estate development company was fun and I learned a lot.

In my early twenties I grew tired of being sick so I started to educate myself on how I could make my own self well once and for all. I became very interested in everything medical and put myself on the path to a better life. For many years I had massive headaches for which, of course, the Doctors just wanted to give me medication. I wanted to figure out what was causing the headaches, so that I could address the root problem and not simply mask the symptoms.  Through the years, I’ve had surgeries on both of my elbows and my right knee and have had severe TMJ and neck issues. When I was 30 I was diagnosed with another medical issue that required 9 months of unsuccessful chemo treatment. Didn’t think I was going to make it through that and it took quite a few years to get my groove back after that ordeal!

Growing up sick, frustrated, and feeling like things just weren’t “right “, put a damper on my relationships as well. My mother and I had relationship issues…won’t get into that one right now! However, through my efforts at personal development, my mom and I have a pretty good relationship today.

Wow that is quite a lot of “stuff”.

Now onto stress… you can say that I am a total type A Virgo!! I chose to learn how to be calm. That is not easy for me! I had to learn to accept the fact that not everything is black & white. I now love grey most of the time!!

My intent in sharing these personal challenges is to demonstrate that we all share a common bond and are born of similar difficulties. Realizing that, many years ago I started my quest to help other people with similar issues. I am a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Healthy for Life Team Leader with Dr. Ray Strand and Live Well Coach. These are a few of the educational milestones that qualify me to share my passion. I am always studying and researching the latest information so that I can in turn share that with my clients. I constantly seek out experts in the wellness industry, often working with them to develop new ways to apply this fresh information to our busy lifestyles. I love to share what I know with everyone who is interested. 

This new way of life has become my passion! I created The New You Lifestyle to help me live my passion on a daily basis!

If we fast forward into my life we can see that I went from 4 asthma maintenance drugs a day to only a half of one, my thyroid is stable, normally I don’t get headaches, I have consistent, even energy throughout the day and have maintained a healthy size 2 for many years. While building a couple of successful businesses, I continue to learn how to live a healthy and balanced life while
also taking care of my family. This is very important to me. We can’t take care of all of our responsibilities and help others in our lives, unless we take care of ourselves. This is a truth that I not only share with others, but strive to live by!

I look forward to connecting with you and learning what you need, want or don’t want in your life and how I can help you solve those problems. Click here to contact me now. Click here to connect with me on Facebook, click here to follow me on twitter, click hereto join me on LinkedIn or click here to subscribe to my blog!

To Your Success!

Lora Ulrich 

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